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Abd El Basset, F., Bell, Robin ORCID: and Al Kharusi, Buthaina (2022) Reducing Barriers to Female Entrepreneurship in Oman: Does Family Matter? Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy. ISSN 1750-6204

Adams-Groom, Beverley ORCID:, Selby, K., Derrett, S., Frisk, Carl ORCID:, Pashley, C. H., Satchwell, J., King, D., McKenzie, G. and Neilson, R. (2022) Pollen season trends as markers of climate change impact: Betula, Quercus and Poaceae. Science of the Total Environment, 831 (154882). ISSN Print: 0048-9697 Online: 1879-1026

Adamson, Brynn, Adamson, Matthew, Clarke, Caitlin, Richardson, Emma ORCID: and Sydnor, Synthia (2022) Social Justice Through Sport and Exercise Studies: A Manifesto. Journal of Sport and Social Issues. ISSN Print 0193-7235 Online 1522-7638 (In Press)

Akin, Isik ORCID: (2022) The Most Common Behavioural Biases among Young Adults in Bristol, UK and Istanbul. Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks, 6 (1). pp. 27-39. ISSN (print) – 2521-1250 ; (online) – 2521-1242

Andrews, Maggie (2022) Stories from the Herefordshire Suffrage Campaign (Book Review). Taylor & Francis.

Azemi, Y., Ozuem, W., Wiid, Ria ORCID: and Hobson, A. (2022) Luxury fashion brand customers’ perceptions of mobile marketing: Evidence of multiple communications and marketing channels. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 66. p. 102944. ISSN 0969-6989


Baas, M. A. M., van Pampus, M. G., Stramrood, C. A. I., Dijksman, L. M., Vanhommerig, J. W. and de Jongh, Ad (2022) Treatment of Pregnant Women With Fear of Childbirth Using EMDR Therapy: Results of a Multi-Center Randomized Controlled Trial. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12 (798249). ISSN Online: 1664-0640

Ball, Joan and Savin-Baden, Maggi (2022) Postdigital Learning for a Changing Higher Education. Postdigital Science and Education. ISSN 2524-4868

Bell, Robin ORCID: (2022) Supporting Students and Society: Underpinning entrepreneurship education with a humanistic philosophy. In: Theorising Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Education: Reflections on the Development of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 157-172. ISBN eBook: 978-3-030-87865-8; Hardcover: 978-3-030-87864-1

Bell, Robin ORCID:, Warren, Vessela ORCID: and Schmidt, René (2022) The Application of Concurrent or Sequential Mixed Methods Research Designs and their Methodological Implications: Investigating Tacit Knowledge, its Use, and Application in Automotive Development. Sage Research Methods Cases.

Bhachu, H. K., Fenton, A., Cockwell, P., Aiyegbusi, O., Kyte, Derek ORCID: and Calvert, M. (2022) Use of the kidney failure risk equation to inform clinical care of patients with chronic kidney disease: a mixed-methods systematic review. BMJ Open, 12 (1). e055572. ISSN Online: 2044-6055 Print: ISSN 2044-6055

Blackmore, Karen ORCID: and Hatley, Jennifer ORCID: (2022) The Distinctive Affordances of Close to Practice Research: An Argument for its Deployment within Postgraduate Initial Teacher Education. In: Developing Teachers’ Research Literacy: International Perspectives. Wydawnictwo Libron, Krakow, Poland, pp. 83-112. ISBN 978-83-66269-97-2

Bray, Jennifer ORCID:, Atkinson, Teresa ORCID: and Williamson, Tracey (2022) You matter! Training to support family carers of people living with dementia. Journal of Dementia Care, 30 (3). pp. 20-24. ISSN Print: 1351-8372

Bray, Jennifer ORCID:, Brooker, Dawn ORCID:, Frost, Faith and Mumford, S. (2022) Care home uniforms: exploring stakeholders’ views on clothing options for staff. Nursing Older People. ISSN Print: 1472-0795 Online: 2047-8941

Bray, Jennifer ORCID:, Evans, Simon ORCID: and Atkinson, Teresa ORCID: (2022) Spreading the word: enablers and challenges to implementing a nature-based intervention for people living with dementia. Working with Older People. ISSN Print: 1366-3666 Online: 2042-8790 (In Press)


Casagrande, B.P., Bueno, Allain ORCID:, Pisani, L.P. and Estadella, D. (2022) Hepatic glycogen participates in the regulation of hypothalamic pAkt/Akt ratio in high-sugar/high-fat diet-induced obesity. Metabolic Brain Disease. ISSN Electronic: 1573-7365 Print: 0885-7490

Cox, Howard (2022) An Examination of the Role of Magazines in Historical Research. In: Zeitschriftenforschung: Disziplinare Perspecktiven und Empirische Sondierungen - Eine Einfuhrung. transcript Verlag, Bielefeld. ISBN 978-3-8376-5113-3 (In Press)

Crivoi do Camo, E., Renfree, Andrew ORCID: and Barroso, R. (2022) Effects of different goal orientations and virtual opponents performance level on pacing strategy and performance in cycling time trials. European Journal of Sport Science, 22 (4). pp. 491-498. ISSN Print: 1746-1391 Online: 1536-7290

Cui, Jun and Bell, Robin ORCID: (2022) Behavioural entrepreneurial mindset: How entrepreneurial education activity impacts entrepreneurial intention and behaviour. The International Journal of Management Education, 20 (2). p. 100639. ISSN 1472-8117

Cussans, John ORCID: (2022) Beau Dick and the Ceremonial Art of Potlatch. In: Beau Dick and the Ceremonial Art of Potlatch with John Cussans - The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society, 19 January 2022, Online. (Unpublished)

Cussans, John ORCID:, Newland, Paul ORCID:, Golz, Paul ORCID:, Evans, Simon ORCID: and Taylor, Simon ORCID: (2022) Arts for Health symposium. In: The Arts for Health Symposium, 12 January 2022, The Art House, Castle St, Worcester.


Davies, Andy ORCID: (2022) Lave Net Fishing. [Show/Exhibition]

Davis, Sarah K. ORCID: and Sundvik, Linda M. S. (2022) Social media stress and mental health: A brief report on the protective role of emotional intelligence. Current Psychology. ISSN Print: 1046-1310 Online: 1936-4733

Dhillon, Jaswinder ORCID: (2022) Envisioning Future Classrooms. In: EDUCON 2022,10th GERA (Global Educational Research Association) Virtual International Conference, 18-19th February 2022, Punjab, India.

de Jesus, R.P., de Carvalho, J.F., de Oliveira, L.P.M., Cunha, C.M., Alves, T.C.H.S., Vieira, S.T.B., Figueiredo, V.M. and Bueno, Allain ORCID: (2022) Metabolic and nutritional triggers associated with increased risk of liver complications in SARS-CoV-2. World Journal of Hepatology, 27 (14(1)). pp. 80-97. ISSN 1948-5182 (online)


Emami, M. ORCID:, Rezaei, Sajad ORCID:, Valaei, N. ORCID: and Gardener, John (2022) Creativity mindset as the organizational capability: the role of creativity-relevant processes, domain-relevant skills and intrinsic task motivation. Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration. ISSN 1757-4323

Erol, Rosie ORCID: and Scurlock-Evans, Laura ORCID: (2022) Evaluation of the Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Panel in Worcestershire. Project Report. University of Worcester. (Unpublished)

Evans, Shirley ORCID:, Harrison, Matthew, Morgan, Natasha, Kilkenny, Cat and Morton, Thomas ORCID: (2022) Community Makers: report on developing an online toolkit for supporting people with dementia to connect during the pandemic and beyond. Working with Older People, 26 (2). pp. 140-150. ISSN Print: 1366-3666 Online: 2042-8790


Fleming, Neil (2022) Fascism and Constitutional Conflict: The British Extreme Right and Ulster in the Twentieth Century, by James Loughlin (Book Review). Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Fletcher, B. R., Damery, S., Aiyegbusi, O. L., Anderson, N., Calvert, M., Cockwell, P., Ferguson, J., Horton, M., Paap, M. C. S., Sidey-Gibbons, C., Slade, A., Turner, N. and Kyte, Derek ORCID: (2022) Symptom burden and health-related quality of life in chronic kidney disease: A global systematic review and meta-analysis. PLOS Medicine, 19 (4). e1003954. ISSN 1549-1676 (online)

Francis, John ORCID:, Sims, Dave, Bendall, Adam, Kelly, Adam and Wood, Andrew (2022) Para-Soccer: Talent Identification and Development in Para-Soccer. In: Talent Identification and Development in Youth Soccer: A Guide for Researchers and Practitioners. Routledge. (Submitted)

Frisk, Carl A. ORCID:, Apangu, Godfrey, Petch, Geoffrey, Adams-Groom, Beverley ORCID: and Skjøth, C. ORCID: (2022) Atmospheric Transport Reveals Grass Pollen Dispersion Distances. Science of the Total Environment, 814 (152806). ISSN Print: 0048-9697 Online: 1879-1026


Gaskin, Kerry ORCID:, Smith, L. and Wray, J. (2022) An Improved Congenital Heart Assessment Tool: A Quality Improvement Outcome. Cardiology in the Young. pp. 1-6. ISSN Print 1047-9511 Online 1467-1107

Grant, S., Allen, R., Nosowska, G., Cree, V., Cullen, A., Holloway, M., Golightley, M., Higgins, M., Pinkerton, J., Unwin, Peter ORCID: and Ward, D. (2022) Editorial: Resilient, Steadfast and Forward-Looking: The Story of Social Work in the UK Told through 50 Years of the British Journal of Social Work. The British Journal of Social Work, 52 (2). e1-e25. ISSN 0045-3102 (print) 1468-263X (online)

Grewling, L., Magyar, D., Chłopek, K., Grinn-Gofroń, A., Gwiazdowska, J., Siddiquee, A., Ianovici, N., Kasprzyk, I., Wójcik, M., Lafférsová, J., Majkowska-Wojciechowska, B., Myszkowska, D., Rodinkova, V., Bortnyk, M., Malkiewicz, M., Piotrowska-Weryszko, K., Sulborska-Różycka, A., Rybniček, O., Ščevková, J., Šikoparija, B., Skjøth, C. ORCID:, Smith, Matt ORCID: and Bogawski, P. (2022) Bioaerosols on the atmospheric super highway: An example of long distance transport of Alternaria spores from the Pannonian Plain to Poland. Science of the Total Environment, 819. p. 53148. ISSN Print: 0048-9697 Online: 1879-1026

Grewling, L., Matavulj, P., Mimić, G., Panić, M., Smith, Matt ORCID: and Šikoparija, B. (2022) High temporal resolution monitoring of Ambrosia pollen in ambient air. In: Aerobiology: current stage and future perspectives. (Unpublished)


Hampshire, Chloe, Mahoney, Berenice ORCID: and Davis, Sarah K ORCID: (2022) Parenting Styles and Disordered Eating Among Youths: A Rapid Scoping Review. Frontiers in Psychology, 12 (802567). ISSN Online: 1664-1078

Hanson, Mary, Petch, Geoffrey, Ottosen, Thor-Bjorn and Skjoth, Carsten ORCID: (2022) Climate change impact on fungi in the atmospheric microbiome. Science of the Total Environment, 830. p. 154491. ISSN Print: 0048-9697 Online: 1879-1026

Harris, Matthew ORCID: and Kaur, Gurpreet (2022) Analgesic medicines not administered to those with dementia in residential settings despite awareness of undertreatment of and susceptibility to severe pain. Evidence-Based Nursing. ISSN Print: 1367-6539 Online: 1468-9618

Harris, Miranda ORCID: and Benbow, Alison (2022) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Nutritional Therapy in the McClelland Teaching Clinic at the University of Worcester. Online Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 6 (3). ISSN 2644-2957

Hibbert-Mayne, Kimberley, Ross, Charlotte and Woodward, Dave (2022) Played in England, Made around the world - exploring the origins of Badminton. Elephant Times, 24.

Hill, Ellie and Woolley, Richard ORCID: (2022) Religious Education and Its Interaction with the Spiritual Dimension of Childhood: Teachers’ Perceptions, Understanding and Aspirations. Religions, 13 (4). p. 280. ISSN 2077-1444

Hillier, James, Allcott, Gemma, Guest, Laura, Heaselgrave, Wayne, Tonks, Alex, Conway, Myra, Cherry, Amy and Coles, Steven ORCID: (2022) The BCAT1 CXXC Motif Provides Protection Against ROS in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Cells. Antioxidants, 11 (4). p. 683. ISSN 2076-3921

Hodgkins, Angela ORCID: (2022) Exploring early childhood practitioners’ perceptions of empathy with children and families: initial findings. Educational Review. ISSN Print: 0013-1911 Online: 1465-3397

Hunt, R.L., Whiteside, H. and Prankel, Susanne (2022) Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Dog Behaviour: Pilot Study. Animals, 12 (2). p. 141. ISSN 2076-2615 EISSN 2076-2615


Jones, Lisa ORCID: (2022) Dissecting the shared genetic architecture of suicide attempt, psychiatric disorders and known risk factors. Biological Psychiatry, 91 (3). pp. 313-327. ISSN Online: 0006-3223


Khan, A. ORCID:, Rezaei, Sajad ORCID: and Valaei, N. (2022) Social commerce advertising avoidance and shopping cart abandonment: A fs/QCA analysis of German consumers. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 67 (102976). ISSN 0969-6989

Koven, Mikel ORCID: (2022) Folk Horror: a discursive approach, with application to Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man and Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves. In: Folk Horror: Return of the British Repressed. Manchester University Press, Manchester. (In Press)

Kyte, Derek ORCID:, Anderson, N., Bishop, J., Bissell, A., Brettell, E., Calvert, M., Chadburn, M., Cockwell, P., Dutton, M., Eddington, H., Forster, E., Hadley, G., Ives, N. J., Jackson, L. J., O'Brien, S., Price, G., Sharpe, K., Stringer, S., Verdo, R., Waters, J. and Wilcockson, A. (2022) Results of a pilot feasibility randomised controlled trial exploring the use of an electronic patient-reported outcome measure in the management of UK patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. BMJ Open, 12 (e05061). ISSN Online: 2044-6055


Latham, Isabelle ORCID:, Brooker, Dawn ORCID:, Bray, Jennifer ORCID:, Jacobson-Wright, Nicola and Frost, Faith (2022) The Impact of Implementing a Namaste Care Intervention in UK Care Homes for People Living with Advanced Dementia, Staff and Families. In: Enhancing the Quality of Care in Long-Term Care Settings. MDPI, Basel, Switzerland, pp. 163-187. ISBN ISBN 978-3-0365-3157-1 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-0365-3156-4 (PDF)

Latham, Isabelle ORCID:, Frost, Faith, Dobson, April, Mumford, Suzanne and Williamson, Tracey (2022) "I didn't even know you had this job!" The outcomes and facilitators of the Care Home Action Researcher-in-residence Model (CHARM). Journal of Dementia Care, 30 (3). pp. 14-19. ISSN Print: 1351-8372

Latham, Isabelle ORCID:, Frost, Faith, Dobson, April, Mumford, Suzanne and Williamson, Tracey (2022) Introducing CHARM: the Care Home Action Researcher-in-residence Model. Journal of Dementia Care, 30 (1). pp. 26-29. ISSN Print: 1351-8372

Lengthorn, Elena (2022) Geography Education in Climate Emergency. In: Geographical Association Annual Conference, 11th - 13th April 2022, University of Surrey.

Lengthorn, Elena (2022) Move the World: Movement and learning with the SDGs. In: Teacher in Europe 2022, 20th - 22nd April 2022, Zwolle, Netherlands.

Lengthorn, Elena (2022) Period Poverty and women’s health in education. In: GEN and BAMEnet: Women's health and Period poverty, 16th March 2022, Online.

Lengthorn, Elena (2022) SDGs: A cause for courageous hope? In: Teacher in Europe 2022, 20th - 22nd April 2022, Zwolle, Netherlands.

Lengthorn, Elena (2022) TiE LIC lights and cookstoves. In: Teacher in Europe 2022, 20th - 22nd April 2022, Zwolle, Netherlands.

Lewin-Jones, Jenny ORCID: (2022) Dominant discourses in higher education: critical perspectives, cartographies and practice (Book Review). Educational Review. ISSN Print: 0013-1911 Online: 1465-3397

Lewin-Jones, Jenny ORCID: (2022) The Sociology of Emotions. In: Sociology TeachMeet, 3 February 2022, National Sociology TeachMeet online. (Unpublished)

Lewis, K. J. S., Gordon-Smith, Katherine ORCID:, Saunders, K. E. A., Dolman, C., South, M., Geddes, J., Craddock, N., Di Florio, A., Jones, I. and Jones, Lisa ORCID: (2022) Mental health prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic in individuals with bipolar disorder: Insights from prospective longitudinal data. Bipolar Disorders. ISSN Online:1399-5618

Lewis, K.J.S., Tilling, K., Gordon-Smith, Katherine ORCID:, Saunders, K.E.A., Di Florio, A., Jones, Lisa ORCID:, O' Donovan, M. and Heron, J. (2022) The Dynamic Interplay Between Sleep and Mood: An Intensive Longitudinal Study of Individuals with Bipolar Disorder. Psychological Medicine. pp. 1-10. ISSN Print:0033-2917 Online: 1469-8978 (In Press)

Lipscomb, Martin ORCID: (2022) Complexity and Values in Nurse Education: Dialogues on Professional Education edited by Martin Lipscomb. Routledge: Taylor & Francis. ISBN 9780367672218 (In Press)

Lipscomb, Martin ORCID: (2022) Teaching the ideas of others: Is there a problem? Journal of Advanced Nursing, 78 (4). e69-e74. ISSN Online:1365-2648

Looker, Ben ORCID: (2022) A grounded theory study exploring the intersection between pupil-teacher relationships and pupil alienation from the secondary classroom. Other thesis, University of Worcester.


Mateos Fierro, Z. ORCID:, Garratt, M.P.D., Fountain, M.T., Ashbrook, K. and Westbury, Duncan ORCID: (2022) Wild bees are less abundant but show better pollination behaviour for sweet cherry than managed pollinators. Journal of Applied Entomology, 146 (4). pp. 361-371. ISSN 1439-0418

Maulana, Ridwan, Xiangyuan, Feng, Helms-Lorenz, Michelle, Ko, James, Chun, Seyeoung, Shahzad, Abid, Irnidayanti, Yulia, Lee, Okhwa, de Jade, Thelma, Coetzee, Thys, Fadhilah, Nurul, Maria Fernandez-Garcia, Carmen, Inda-Caro, Mercedes, Kington, Alison ORCID:, Looker, Benjamin ORCID:, Blackmore, Karen ORCID:, Hibbert-Mayne, Kimberley, Adiyasuren, Amarjargal and Galindev, Ulziisaikhan (2022) Differentiated Instruction in Secondary Education Across Countries: Measurement Invariance and Comparison. In: Back to the Future? Problems and Possibilities for Educational Equity, Quality and Sustainability ICSEI Virtual Congress 2022, 5-11 January 2022, Online.

Mayako, M. and Parham, John (2022) Introduction: Enchanted Environments. Taylor & Francis.

McAuliffe, T., Cordier, R., Chen, Y-W., Vaz, S., Thomas, Yvonne ORCID: and Falkmer, T. (2022) In-the-moment experiences of mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder: A comparison by household status and region of residence. Disability and Rehabilitation, 44 (4). pp. 558-572. ISSN 0963-8288 (print) 1464-5165 (eISSN)

Mcgowan, Jack (2022) Moved through the screen: experiencing spoken word through digital media platforms. Writing in Practice, 7. pp. 166-177. ISSN 2058-5535

Mee, Jessica (2022) Physiological training implications for the female athlete and the Menopause. In: Physiological training implications for the female athlete and the Menopause, 29th January 2022, England Athletics. (Unpublished)

Mee, Jessica (2022) Practical Guidance for Training and Racing in the Heat. In: Endurance - Practical Guidance for Training and Racing in the Heat, 26th February 2022, England Athletics.

Misca, Gabriela ORCID:, Walker, J. and Thornton, Gemma (2022) Families and the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives from the UK. In: Social Work in Health Emergencies: Global Perspectives. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon. ISBN 978-0367628741, 978-0367628734

Misca, Gabriela ORCID:, Walker, Janet and Thornton, Gemma (2022) RNRMC “Strengthening Families By Your Side” Programme Evaluation: Kings Active Foundation - Active Families Packs. Project Report. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC). (Unpublished)

Mitra, Barbara ORCID: (2022) Autism and Eating Disorders (Blog). tastelife.

Mitra, Barbara ORCID: (2022) From Drummer to Doctor. In: Diversity Day, Halesowen. (Unpublished)

Mitra, Barbara ORCID: (2022) It's not autism. It's your parenting. An autoethnographic exploration of the relationships between professionals and parents of an autistic child in the UK context. OUGHT: The journal of autistic culture, 3 (2). pp. 30-43. (In Press)

Mohamed, A., Jin, Zhenhui, Osman, T., Shi, N., Tör, M. ORCID:, Jackson, S. and Hong, Yiguo (2022) Hotspot siRNA Confers Plant Resistance against Viral Infection. Biology, 11 (5). p. 714. ISSN 2079-7737

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Monaghan, Chris (2022) The fight to achieve full decolonisation: Mauritius versus the United Kingdom. In: Mice that Roar: Small States 'getting the better' of Large(r) States. UNSPECIFIED. (In Press)

Monaghan, Chris and Welsh, Josie ORCID: (2022) Power in the Constitution. In: International Society of Public Law Great Britain and Ireland Chapter – Annual Conference The Constitutional Architecture of these Islands, 26th-28th April 2022, Online. (Submitted)

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Newland, Paul ORCID: (2022) Modern magnificence: memories of British cinema architecture of the late 1920s and 1930s. In: From Cinema Culture to Cinema Memory, Wed, 6 Apr 2022 – Fri, 8 Apr 2022, Lancaster University. (Unpublished)

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