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Book Section

Gauci, Joy and Sealey, Clive (2017) Youth Matters? Social Work Responses to the Trauma Experienced by Young People Displaced in Contemporary Community Context. In: оциальная безопасность и защита человека в условиях новой общественной реальности. Perm State University, Perm, Russia, pp. 13-23. ISBN 978-5-7944-3018-9

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Unwin, Peter ORCID:, Meakin, B. and Jones, Alexandra (2020) 'Mutual Benefits' – The Potential of Disabled People as Foster Carers. Project Report. University of Worcester, Worcester.

Conference or Workshop Item

Bozward, David (2017) Generation Z: Communications & Engagement. In: President's Lecture Series, 9th March 2017, St John's Campus, University of Worcester. (Unpublished)

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