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Aguiar, M. ORCID:, Farley, A., Hope, Lucy, Amin, A., Shah, P. and Manaseki-Holland, S. (2019) Birth-Related Perineal Trauma in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 23 (8). pp. 1048-1070. ISSN Print: 1092-7875 Online: 1573-6628

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Bradbury-Jones, C. ORCID:, Bradshaw, S. ORCID:, Clark, M. ORCID: and Lewis, Alison ORCID: (2019) “I Keep Hearing Reports on the News That it's a Real Problem at the Moment”: Public Health Nurses’ Understandings of Sexting Practices Among Young People. Health & Social Care in the Community, 27 (4). pp. 1063-1073. ISSN Print: 0966-0410 Online: 1365-2524


Campbell, V. and Nolan, Mary (2019) 'It Definitely Made a Difference' A Grounded Theory Study of Yoga for Pregnancy and Women's Self-efficacy for Labour. Midwifery, 68. pp. 74-83. ISSN Print: 0266-6138 Online: 1532-3099

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Finnerty, Sophie (2019) Orgasmic Birth. The Practising Midwife, 22 (6). ISSN 1461-3123 (Print) ISSN 2634-7407 (Online)


Gaskin, Kerry ORCID:, Daniels, Amanda, Reynolds, Victoria, Pearson, Sophie and Beattie, Gerry (2019) Preparing Parents for Discharge from Hospital with their Infant After Complex Cardiac Surgery Using the Congenital Heart Assessment Tool. An Online Learning Resource for Health Care Professionals. In: 53 Annual Meeting of the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology, 15th - 18th May 2019, Seville, Spain. (Unpublished)

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Gaskin, Kerry ORCID: and Kennedy, F. (2019) Key Issues in the Care of Children, Young People and Adults With Congenital Heart Disease. Nursing Standard. ISSN 0029-6570

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Grant, Sabrina ORCID: (2019) Great Western 4 (GW4) Crucible 2019: Digital Innovation. Great Western 4 (GW4). (Unpublished)

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Lipscomb, Martin ORCID: (2019) Politics in the Classroom. Nursing Philosophy, 20 (3). e12251. ISSN Online: 1466-769X


Milosevic, S., Channon, S., Hunter, B., Nolan, Mary, Hughes, J., Barlow, C., Milton, R. and Sanders, J. (2019) Factors influencing the use of birth pools in the United Kingdom: Perspectives of women, midwives and medical staff. Midwifery, 79. Article no. 102554. ISSN Print: 0266-6138 Online: 1532-3099

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Nyatanga, Brian (2019) When Words Make a Difference in Palliative Care. British Journal of Community Nursing, 24 (7). p. 347. ISSN Print: 1462-4753 Online: 2052-2215

Nyatanga, Brian (2019) The many challenges of living with prostate cancer. British Journal of Community Nursing, 24 (11). p. 558. ISSN Print: 1462-4753 Online: 2052-2215


Ogston-Tuck, Sherri (2019) Basic Practical Skills: Subcutaneous, Intramuscular and Intradermal Injections in Adults. British Medical Association. (In Press)


Paley, John ORCID: (2019) The Fictionalist Paradigm: A Commentary. Nursing Philosophy, 20 (3). e12243. ISSN 1466-7681

Paley, John ORCID: (2019) Reading Concept Analysis: Why Draper Has a Point. Nursing Philosophy, 20 (4). e12252. ISSN Online: 1466-769X

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Ransley, Becky, Gaskin, Kerry ORCID: and Frank, Helen (2019) A Systematised Literature Review Investigating the Effects of Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy on Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). In: ACPRC Conference 2019: Innovate, Influence and Inspire, 26th - 27th April 2019, Birmingham Conference and Exhibition Centre. (Unpublished)

Roberts, Marc ORCID: (2019) Psychiatric Drugs: Reconsidering Their Mode of Action and the Implications For Service User Involvement. Mental Health Review Journal, 24 (1). pp. 1-10. ISSN Print: 1361-9322 Online:2042-8758


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Weston, Rosalind (2019) A summary of a doctoral study: Third year midwifery students’ views and experiences of telling and listening to practice-related stories. The Practising Midwife, 22 (11). pp. 27-30. ISSN 1461-3123

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