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Batten, J. and White, A. and Anderson, E. and Bullingham, Rachael (2016) From Management to Prevention: the New Cure for Sports Concussion. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 50. pp. 1293-1294. ISSN Print: 0306-3674 Online: 1473-0480

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Edwards, Christian and Tod, D. and Molnar, Gyozo and Markland, D. (2016) Perceived Social Pressures and the Internalization of the Mesomorphic Ideal: the Role of Drive for Muscularity and Autonomy in Physically Active Men. Body Image, 16. pp. 63-69. ISSN 1740-1445

Edwards, Christian and Tod, D. and Molnar, Gyozo and Markland, D. (2016) Predicting Muscularity-Related Behavior, Emotions, and Cognitions in Men: The Role of Psychological Need Thwarting, Drive for Muscularity, and Mesomorphic Internalization. Body Image, 18. pp. 108-112. ISSN 1740-1445


Faull, Andrea (2016) Sport Psychology Support to Paralympic Athletes on the Road to Rio. In: BASES Student Conference 2016, 22nd - 23rd March, 2016, Bangor University. (Unpublished)

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Francis, John and Owen, A. and Molnar, Gyozo and Peters, D.M. (2016) Modelling Shooting Performance in Elite Men’s Wheelchair Basketball. In: BASES 2016 Conference, 29-30 November 2016, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham. ISSN 0264-0414 Online: 146-447X (Unpublished)


Gerrett, Nicola and Jackson, Sarah and Yates, James and Thomas, Gavin (2016) Ice Slurry Ingestion Does Not Enhance Self-paced Intermittent Exercise in the Heat. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 27 (11). pp. 1202-1212. ISSN Online: 1600-0838

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Griffiths, Lisa and Smith, Jo and Band, Marie and Hird-Smith, R. and Williams, Briony and Bold, Justine and Bradley, Eleanor and Wilkie, Veronica and Horne, Dominic (2016) Exercise and Lifestyle Programme Improves Weight Maintenance in Young People with Psychosis: a Service Evaluation. In: 'Looking Back, Moving Forward' The 10th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health, 19th - 22nd October 2016, Milan, Italy. (Unpublished)

Griffiths, Lisa and Smith, Jo and Bold, Justine and Band, Marie and Bradley, Eleanor and Hird-Smith, R. (2016) Exercise and Lifestyle Therapy Improves Weight Maintenance in Young People With Psychosis: A Service Evaluation. In: American College of Sports Medicine 63rd Annual Meeting, 1st - 4th June 2016, Boston, Massachusetts. (Unpublished)


Haugen, T. and Reinboth, M. and Hetlelid, K.J. and Peters, D.M. and Høigaard, R. (2016) Mental Toughness Moderates Social Loafing in Cycle Time-Trial Performance. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 87 (3). pp. 305-310. ISSN Print: 0270-1367 Online: 2168-3824


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Roberts, Claire-Marie and Faull, Andrea (2016) An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Management of Vocal Cord Dysfunction in an Elite Female Swimmer: a Case Study. In: The Association for Applied Sport Psychology 31st Annual Conference, 28th September - 1st October 2016, Phoenix, Arizona.

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Smith, Jo and Griffiths, Lisa and Horne, Dominic (2016) Prevalence of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in First Episode Psychosis Patients. In: 'Looking Back, Moving Forward' The 10th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health, 19th - 22nd October 2016, Milan, Italy. (Unpublished)

Smith-Nunes, G. and Cook, P. and Neale, Camilla and Golz, Paul (2016) Data Network Simulator with Classical Ballet. In: EVA London 2016, Tuesday 12th - Thursday 14th July 2016, London. (Unpublished)


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Vinson, Don and Beeching, Kelvin and Morgan, Michelle and Jones, Gareth (2016) Coach Logic and Athlete Learning. Technical Report. Coach Logic, Edinburgh. (Unpublished)

Vinson, Don and Brady, A. and Moreland, B. and Judge, N. (2016) Exploring Coach Behaviours, Session Contexts and Key Stakeholder Perceptions of Non-linear Coaching Approaches in Youth Sport. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, 11 (1). pp. 54-68. ISSN Print: 1747-9541

Vinson, Don and Christian, Polly and Jones, Vanessa and Williams, Craig and Peters, D.M. (2016) Exploring How Well UK Coach Education Meets the Needs of Women Sports Coaches. International Sport Coaching Journal, 3 (3). pp. 287-302. ISSN Print 2328-918X Online 2328-9198

Vinson, Don and Peters, D.M. (2016) Position-specific Performance Indicators that Discriminate between Successful and Unsuccessful Teams in Elite Women’s Indoor Field Hockey: Implications for Coaching. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 (4). pp. 311-320. ISSN Print: 0264-0414 Online: 1466-447X


West, Julia and Rhoden, Clare and Robinson, Paul and Castle, Paul and St Clair Gibson, Alan (2016) How Motivated are You? Exploring the Differences Between Motivational Profiles and Personality Traits. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review, 12 (1). pp. 28-42. ISSN Print 1745-4980 Online 2396-961X

Wood, Colin and Goodall, Dawn and Farmer, Mark (2016) Changing Professional Identity in the Transition from Practitioner to Lecturer in Higher Education: an Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. Research in Post-Compulsory Education, 21 (3). pp. 229-245. ISSN 1359-6748 Online: 1747-5112

Wylde, V. and Artz, Neil and Marques, E. and Lenguerrand, E. and Dixon, S. and Beswick, A.D. and Burston, A. and Murray, J. and Parwez, T. and Blom, A.W. and Gooberman-Hill, R. (2016) Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of Outpatient Physiotherapy After Knee Replacement for Osteoarthritis: Study Protocol for a Randomised Controlled Trial. Trials, 17 (289). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1745-6215

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